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Training at LÄPPLE has a long tradition. For decades, the LÄPPLE Ausbildungs GmbH has created a nationally recognised standard for training and thus creates the best basis for highly qualified skilled workers of the future. In our factories we offer young, motivated, and hard-working people qualified training that promotes working independently in line with the company's guiding principles.

A continuous career and development plan with individually developed goals allows each individual to achieve personal success. LÄPPLE, your address for apprenticeship careers (m/w).

We offer training in the following apprenticeship careers:

  • Toolmaker
  • Machining mechanic (in Heilbronn only)
  • Industrial machinist
  • Electrician for manufacturing technology
  • Industrial sales representative
  • Specialist for warehouse logistics (only in Heilbronn)
  • IT Purchaser (only in Heilbronn)

The following fundamental modules of the training at LÄPPLE apply:

  • Training on real orders under competitive conditions. Trainees are integrated into the complete value creation process: from the development to the planning and manufacturing of tools, equipment, forms and prototypes.
  • Intensive theoretical instruction (materials science, work planning, computer-supported technical communication).
  • The imparting of personal competency and values such as reliability, awareness of responsibility, honesty, trustworthiness, independence and teamwork.

The pioneering training concept covers all requirements of the future-oriented and comprehensive training and offers the perfect integration in the productive areas.

Training at LÄPPLE has a very good reputation in the industry. Depending on the location, the company group offers an individual, customer-related, and high-quality training and further education in all areas.

Prerequisites and contact

  • As prerequisite for commercial careers, applicants must have a General Certificate of Secondary Education or a good secondary school degree. The training period lasts 3.5 years.
  • The prerequisite for business careers is a General Certificate of Secondary Education. The training period lasts 3 resp. 2.5 years (for advanced technical college entrance qualification or general qualification for university entrance).