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The LÄPPLE Group is a diversified concern which is successful on the world market with a variety of products. All company divisions are among the leading providers in their core markets. We want to continue to improve this position and expand our competitive advantages.

In all company divisions, we concentrate on demanding and precise solutions for the requirements of our customers. Among these are sophisticated geometries, highest surface quality, tightest manufacturing tolerances and highest precision in series production as well as highly productive customer-specific solutions with maximum reliability and minimum susceptibility to malfunctions in the individual manufacturing areas.

LÄPPLE Automotive is a leading provider of sophisticated forming solutions in car body assembly for premium vehicles. In particular, bodyshell components with high surface quality requirements are the core know-how of LÄPPLE Automotive. Through our flexible manufacturing concepts, we are also able to manufacture small batch sizes competitively. In addition, this also makes us a preferred partner for the replacement part business of our customers and for temporary shifts of supply. Today, LÄPPLE Automotive is already the leading supplier for aluminium bodyshell components. We will continue to expand existing decades of experience in this area in the highly current topic: Lightweight construction. This comprises both higher-strength alloys as well as modern materials such as e.g. CFK components.

FIBRO LÄPPLE TECHNOLOGY (FLT) is an internationally acting provider of automation systems for powertrain applications as well as for production systems for Body-in-White manufacturing facilities. The production spectrum comprises (among others) complex systems for the production of crankshafts, cylinder heads, engine blocks or transmission housings in which portal technology with gripper systems are primarily used. In addition, complex robot-based production systems using all modern processing and joining technologies for car body assembly parts such as doors, flaps and structure components but also for white goods as well as turnkey projects are supplied. FLT leverages its very good position on the European and US American markets for the consistent expansion of activities in Asia.

FIBRO is the European market leader for standard parts in vehicle manufacture and for rotary tables in mechanical and system engineering. With over 1 million different articles of which 40,000 are continuously in stock and available at short notice, the Standard Parts Division is the complete provider for international vehicle manufacturers – with 'one-stop shopping' guarantee. The sophisticated quality requirements of our customers is fulfilled through the highest processing accuracies and minimum tolerances. FIBRO offers great potential to the Asian growth markets for them to further expand their dominant market position.

In the Rotary Tables Division, FIBRO, as the only provider of metal cutting and automation tables, offers a wide product range with over 150 different models. Through the high standardisation, the customer not only obtains needs-specific but also very efficient solutions. Likewise, pure customer-specific solutions are developed and marketed. Our rotary tables feature the highest precision and long service life.