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FIBROTOR - Energy-efficient rotary table for machining

Für alle Anwender, die ihre Kosten reduzieren wollen, bietet der Weinsberger Rundtisch-Spezialist FIBRO ab sofort einen besonders preisattraktiven Universalrundtisch mit doppeltem Kosteneffekt: Dank maximaler Standardisierung gibt es das Basismodell FIBROTOR ER zu einem extrem günstigen Einstandpreis. Zudem ist der universell einsetzbare Rundtisch absolut wartungsfrei, was auch die laufenden Kosten spürbar reduziert.

FIBRO, the rotary-table specialist based in Weinsberg, is further expanding its machining programme for the EMO. The FIBROTOR electromechanical rotary table with a worm-rolling gearbox, a 50% increase in efficiency and short switching times, is a highly efficient alternative to worm-driven NC rotary tables.

It is suitable for light and medium machining and rotary machining with medium machining forces. Standard equipment includes a reinforced indexing table bearing for high tilting torques and a hydraulic chuck for high tangential loads. It tightly clamps the rotary table in position, allowing it to take high machining loads. Because the FIBROTOR gearbox is not self-inhibiting, the mechanical equipment of the rotary table is not affected by emergency stops or power failures. The drive can be aligned differently for various applications.

FIBRO is the pioneer under the round table manufacturers and offers the world's most extensive round table programme from a sign source with more than 150 types of round tables. The round tables are used as swivelling or positioning axes and as workpiece carriers in highly productive machine tools. The greatest possible standardisation of the individual series makes FIBRO an interesting partner is regard to cost aspects as well. Numerous projects in various industries around the globe prove how strongly users profit from the high solution competence and worldwide service network of the round table specialists from Weinsberg.

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