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LÄPPLE GROUP clearly increases results and sales

Heilbronn, 22 June 2016 – In the fiscal year 2015, the LÄPPLE Group was able to continue their positive development from the previous year.

Totaling to approximately EUR 448 million, the company with headquarters in Heilbronn, Germany, significantly increased their sales compared to EUR 415 million in 2014. With this increase, the globally active supplier of stampings, molded parts, and body shell components, and of standard parts, round tables, automation solutions, and modern training concepts has even exceeded their 2012 record year to date with sales of EUR 424 million, the best year of the LÄPPLE Group since 2004. Just as pleasant have been the increases in the annual result and the operating margin. The latter has remained in the target range between five and seven percent.

“With our FY 2015, we demonstrated that LÄPPLE’s success in 2014 has been sustainable and long-term. Everyone in the company has contributed to making the LÄPPLE Group strong again and we are proud of it,” says Dr. Peter Spahn, CEO of the LÄPPLE AG. “We will continue to follow this successful path with a clear focus on sustainable growth and profitability in 2016. With our investments into different fields of technology within the group, we have positioned ourselves for continued profitable growth.”

All of our four subsidiaries – LÄPPLE AUTOMOTIVE, FIBRO LÄPPLE TECHNOLOGY (FLT), FIBRO, and LÄPPLE AUS- UND WEITERBILDUNG – have contributed their share to our excellent overall results. Especially worth mentioning in this respect is the development of our sheet metal (AUTOMOTIVE) division which has even exceeded our expectations. The number of employees in the group has remained at a constant level of 2,200.

Investments into group-wide IT and purchasing systems as well as new technology

2015 was generally a year of technological progress and an outspoken confirmation of the locations in Germany for the entire LÄPPLE Group which was expressed in the form of important investments. This especially includes the new transfer press with a value of more than EUR 10 million for LÄPPLE AUTOMOTIVE in Heilbronn, the progressing digital expertise with respect to the connected industry, in particular the plant manufacturers FLT and FIBRO, and the establishment of group-wide purchasing and IT systems. “We do not intend to outsource our IT capacities but rather integrate them into our company,” explains Siegbert Hummel, commercial director at LÄPPLE AG. “This helps us to create new attractive jobs and integrate the necessary know-how to make LÄPPLE fit for the future.” LÄPPLE has also expanded their sales activities abroad and opened up a subsidiary in Shanghai.

In the current fiscal year, the LÄPPLE Group will continue with their strategy of sustainable growth. Furthermore, their focus will remain on the process of consequent modernization of the group’s internal structures such as purchasing and IT and also the technologies that are relevant for their customers. Among the latter, there are, for example, their own lightweight construction center that is currently established at the Heilbronn site by which LÄPPLE AUTOMOTIVE intends to highlight its competencies as a partner of the automotive industry, or the implementation of lean processes at FIBRO.