Training supervisor, LÄPPLE Aus- und Weiterbildung


Erna Kandic

With LÄPPLE since 2011

With LÄPPLE Aus- und Weiterbildung since 2014

My tasks

Teaching skills such as filing, sawing and drilling in the basic training programme of the first year of training.


You’re one of the few female supervisors and also the youngest supervisor at LÄPPLE. How did that come about?

I started my training here as a toolmaker in September 2011. Managing to complete the programme early, I then completed the advanced training in metal engineering.


What kind of support did you receive here during the basic and advanced training?

During my training, the supervisors gave me plenty of support. I was the only toolmaker in my year. I always received the support I needed, even during the advanced training and when preparing for the exams.

I always felt that my colleagues were right behind me and that I could achieve everything I wanted to. In both of the training programmes I attended, this always gave me a lot of confidence.


What advice would you give to women going into engineering?

You should have a passion for technology and be able to have fun at work. You also have to be comfortable at work and show what you can do and that you can do your job to the best of your ability.

Who would you recommend a career in engineering to?

I would recommend the job to all women and girls who enjoy working with technology. I’d also advise them not to be put off by the fact that most of the people who work here are men. The job is suitable for any woman who has the requisite skills and knowledge.


As a training supervisor, what do you do here exactly?

I teach the basic training programme and look after the first training year. During this time they learn the basic skills of measuring, filing, sawing, drilling, turning and grinding. This is the foundation before we start looking at real-world projects during the training programme.


What is e-learning exactly and how is it used for trainees?

We have recently also been using e-learning for training purposes. The trainees and apprentices can access these modules at any time and view and learn from the information in a variety of ways.

One application for e-learning in our field is on the subject of turning. In these modules, the basics are reiterated and they include example calculations and explanatory videos. There are also some exercises for consolidating what the trainees have learned.

We have also just launched our very own e-learning video project. The training content for the apprentices is currently being filmed so that it can be accessed at any time. This is a project I am involved with alongside students, who can also bring their own ideas to the table.


What are the advantages of being part of a group of companies?

As an associated group of companies, the LÄPPLE Group has an ethos of familial belonging. I also think it’s great that our trainees can get some experience in a variety of different areas, which they can then apply directly to their own jobs.


What do you like most about your job?

What I enjoy most about my day-to-day operations is seeing how the trainees progress. I also enjoy watching them form their own daily routine, develop themselves and begin to take more responsibility, and I love to see them make use of something that I’ve taught them.