Do you want to gain your first contacts in the working world while taking away as much experience as possible? Are you looking for an expert partner for collaboration in your thesis? As a student trainee, do you want to maintain proximity to practical operations and gain experience in addition to theoretical knowledge during your studies? At the LÄPPLE Group, there are numerous opportunities to take your first steps into professional life or build on your experience and what you’ve learned. Prove you have what it takes!

We love it when students are willing to take on responsibility, work on their own initiative and develop ideas that help us move forward. If you are motivated, independent and team-oriented, then you’re sure to fit in!

We think it's important that you also benefit from your time with us. In terms of practical activities, you will actively support your respective division in ongoing jobs or everyday tasks, or you can receive your own projects. You are encouraged to contribute your ideas, make suggestions and optimise processes – we look forward to having new dynamics in the team! We also promote dialogue with other students by holding regular meetings and events.


If this sounds good to you, then click the relevant link to get started. The LÄPPLE Group regularly awards places for practical study semesters or thesis programmes in Germany. We are always looking for students from business-related subjects and a range of technical fields.


A practical study semester at the LÄPPLE Group will help you put the theory you have learned into practice and will allow you to recognise the many important relationships involved in what we do. Do you have the ability to work independently, as well as a keen interest in working in a team? Are you motivated and eager to seek out new challenges?


Whether you’re studying a Bachelor’s or Master’s, you can actively engage with an intensive practical subject during your thesis programme. In the field of mechanical engineering in particular, you can successfully finish your thesis programme in close collaboration with the LÄPPLE Group.

We would be happy to provide personalised technical supervision when you’re writing your thesis. In our jobs portal, we are always offering interesting subject areas that are currently relevant.

Do you already have an idea for your thesis? That’s great! We’ll just need to check that it would work for us as well.



Do you want to earn money while you study and also gain valuable professional experience? Then apply for a position as a student trainee at the LÄPPLE Group. Another opportunity available is to stay in the company as a student trainee after a semester of practical work or between your Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes.

In order to coordinate your study and work activities most effectively, we can give you very flexible working hours depending on your semester plan, exam schedule and lecture-free periods.

Interested? We offer continuous student trainee activities in numerous areas of the company. Please send us your application documents with the specification of your desired area and available starting date to