LÄPPLE is a diverse group of companies, so it is faced with a wide variety of challenges. Our principles describe the common denominator behind all these efforts. They are a promise to all our stakeholders and to ourselves that shows how we work, where we want to develop and which goals we want to achieve.


The LÄPPLE Group operates on a global scale, with its specialist companies offering high-quality products and solutions in the industrial value chain.

The innovative, high-performance range of products covers forming and bodywork technology as well as automation systems engineering, mechanical engineering and tool making.

With extensive expertise and many years of experience, LÄPPLE is a reliable partner that understands its customers’ interests and the developments on the market.


Constantly growing and globally successful:

The LÄPPLE Group is an innovative and customer-oriented company. At the same time, we are a family company that places importance on values and focuses on long-term, sustainable success.

Thanks to our collaborative and proactive approach, we are a leading supplier and service provider for our customers and are among the best in our discipline. We develop and use smart future technologies and are advancing digital transformation in production in the process.


We are an attractive employer, act responsibly as part of the community and are a top-class investment for our shareholders.

In forming technology, we are the specialist for shrink boots made of metal and composite materials, and also a preferred partner for spare parts.

With our exceptionally high level of precision and first-class service, we are the global technological leader for standard parts and rotary tables in the tool making and mechanical engineering sectors.

As a supplier of efficient automation solutions, we increase our customers’ productivity and impress with our standardised modular gantry system and carefully considered applications.

In its home regions, LÄPPLE is known for its education and training opportunities. The exceptional education and training concept provides in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge and therefore produces the best possible trainees.