Are you a student and looking for the right path into your future career? We will be happy to help. With an internship at our company, you can get your first taste of the world of work. In addition, we can also offer you exciting training opportunities after you finish school. At the LÄPPLE Group, you can acquire the skills necessary for a challenging career in engineering or business, and you also have the opportunity to choose a cooperative or dual course of study.

Well-founded training has a long tradition at LÄPPLE, and that’s something we’re incredibly proud of. The LÄPPLE apprentice school was established as its own department as early as 1930 and was developed into its own separate training company by 1986. Since then, LÄPPLE AUSBILDUNGS GmbH has taken all the trainees of the LÄPPLE Group under its wing.

With more than 80 years’ experience under our belt, we can provide you with all the help you need to launch your professional career. Our training programmes have earned an outstanding reputation and our success speaks for itself, with a pass rate and in-house hiring rate close to 100%.

What’s our secret? The training company introduces the trainees to the exciting challenges of their chosen occupational subjects in a goal-oriented, step-by-step programme and gives them the opportunity to actively participate in their own, real projects. Our training supervisors will teach you using their well-founded technical knowledge, thus giving you the best preparation for real-world projects. Training at LÄPPLE is geared towards the future, conducted using a state-of-the-art fleet of machines, with real processes and programs, and with an introduction to production operations early on in the curriculum.

We believe it is important that you choose your profession or study course with your goals in mind and with a long-term focus – in line with your interests, inclinations and aptitudes. Do you have any questions about your options? We will be happy to offer support and advice.


Are you a motivated individual with good grades at school and want to take the next step? We offer young, motivated and hard-working people qualified training that promotes working independently in line with the company’s guiding principles.<br/> A training programme at LÄPPLE includes intensive theory classes which teach you how to handle real-world projects under competitive conditions, helping to strengthen your personal skills.


  • Tool engineers
  • Machining engineers (in Heilbronn only)
  • Industrial engineers
  • Production engineers (in Teublitz only)
  • Electronics engineers for operating technology
  • Mechatronics engineers
  • Industrial management assistants
  • Warehouse logistics specialists 
  • Technical product designers (in Heilbronn only)

Have we won you over? Then apply for one of our vocational training options. You can find detailed information about all options on the LÄPPLE AUSBILDUNGS GmbH page.


Do you have good abilities in the subjects of maths, physics, German and English? Do you have an understanding of technology, the ability to work independently, as well as a keen interest in working in a team? Then a suitable training course at the LÄPPLE Group is available to you! We offer the following study variations:




We offer study places in collaboration with the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) with alternating theoretical and practical modules. These modules can be completed at our company premises or at the university, and we offer the opportunity for you to apply the knowledge you’ve gained directly to real-world projects.



We offer study places in cooperation with Heilbronn University and OTH Regensburg. These kinds of studies are a combination of university studies and vocational training in the company and an ideal combination of practical experience and postgraduate studies. By dovetailing the two stages of education, the dual qualification can be achieved in just under 5 years. You also remain with the company during your studies and receive remuneration for the entire period.

Secure your place at the LÄPPLE Group! You can find all dual and cooperative study course places on the LÄPPLE AUSBILDUNGS GmbH page.


Do you want to gain your first contacts in the working world while taking away as much experience as possible? Do you want to learn more about metalworking because you are interested in engineering or do you want to venture into a career at our office? 

Then send us your application to secure your student internship place with guaranteed experience!



Whichever opportunity you decide to apply for, you can only start to succeed at LÄPPLE once we receive your application! Be sure to get your application submitted as early as possible before you plan to start your internship, training or course – the earlier the better! We begin our selection process and contract offers early as well. LÄPPLE AUSBILDUNGS GmbH handles training for the entire LÄPPLE Group, so you should send your application documents there. You can find all the information you need about the application procedure here.



Klaus Neuwirth   
August-Läpple-Straße 1   
74076 Heilbronn, Germany   

T +49 7131 131-896   


Markus Wiendl
August-Läpple-Platz 1
93158 Teublitz, Germany

T +49 9471 999-911

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