FIBROMOD | A rotary table for the complete machining process

With the new FIBROMOD modular rotary table series, FIBRO is covering a wide range of machining requirements in a single system.

Due to its modular design, FIBROMOD offers interfaces for easy customisation, improved technical characteristics, and easier maintenance and servicing. On top of that, shorter delivery times than before are possible.

The interface is to thank for this: Users can select the optimum drive variant for any application in this rotary table series. Whether the application calls for low speeds and short duty cycles, high dynamics or large and permanent loads: Worm drives, direct drives or twin drives can be attached to the FIBROMOD. The rotary table offers up to 33% more torque compared to previous models with the same installation space. The FIBROMOD concept also allows for a rotary table speed of up to 2,000 rpm for turning operations, for example. This makes all modern machining processes that enable efficient production feasible.

The FIBRO designers have also separated the table top neck and the table top. This allows users to easily set up different table tops. There are further improvements in tangential torque (+100%) and tilting torque (+30%), meaning high machining forces can be absorbed, which improves the efficiency of roughing operations in particular.

The FIBROMOD rotary table provides maximum flexibility: Due to the modular principle, the FIBROMOD can be easily converted as soon as new tasks have to be done. The modularity makes it possible to put the focus on the highest speeds and acceleration with extremely fast positioning times or high-precision positioning depending on the application.

The unique hydraulic clamping concept of the FIBROMOD offers three functions within the same installation space:

  • Pressureless open
  • Pressureless clamped and
  • Emergency brake function

The "pressureless open" function is actively clamped with hydraulic pressure so a pressureless clamp is always open. This clamping is sufficient and easy to implement for most applications.

The "pressureless closed" function generates a residual holding force in the pressureless state via a spring package; this force holds the rotary table in position even without clamping pressure. When in operation, the clamp is also pressurised to generate the maximum clamping torque for machining. This variant is ideal for horizontal rotary axes with eccentric loading or multi-axis combinations.

Increased safety is provided by the “emergency brake” function, which is also available for the pressureless clamped function. It protects against damage to the mechanics in the event of faulty situations or unexpected power failure by immediately activating and actively braking the axis.

The clamp is located close to the force application point, which produces optimum flow of force and high rigidity, which is also reflected in the workpiece accuracy. All three variants are FIBRO in-house developments that take the needs of users seriously, especially where flexibility and adaptability are required. This means they can also be exchanged later as needed.

If the machining task is more complex, different FIBROMOD rotary tables can be combined into multi-axis combinations. Sub-assemblies with two rotary axes enable five-axis workpiece machining in machining centres. The swivel axis, which is bolted to the machine tool, can be used either with or without a thrust bearing.

From simple to complex, from fast to precise: With FIBROMOD rotary tables, all your machining wishes can come true. The modular design not only offers flexibility, but also ensures investment security.

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