Personnel change at FIBRO rotary tables.

On February 1st, 2021, Wolfgang Weis took over the sales management of the ROTOMOTION division of the rotary table manufacturer FIBRO. Andreas Gruber, who previously held this position, is devoting himself to a new role in the company and is now responsible for the International Service division.

Wolfgang Weis brings with him around 25 years of sales and management expertise in international companies producing technical industrial products. As an experienced sales manager, he has extensive know-how in the development of sales strategies and concepts.

As head of sales of ROTOMOTION at FIBRO GmbH, Wolfgang Weis will be responsible for the growth strategy for automation rotary tables. With his good knowledge of the market environment and his application knowledge, he will support FIBRO customers with professional advice.

With this step, FIBRO is consistently moving towards customer focus. Due to the organizational separation of the two areas ROTOCUTTING (rotary tables for machine tools) and ROTOMOTION (rotary tables for automation), market-specific customer requirements can be pursued in a more targeted manner.